10 Reasons Why you need a UDH.. Not a DMP

Hi, I’m Andy. I’m a 42 year old single, married female fast food enthusiast who is both affluent and not. I am aged 30-35 and live in London. I live in Cambridgeshire and I’m a retired male. I recently bought a DVD.

Hit Two Birds with One Stone with the EU GDPR

Most articles I read about the EU GDPR focus on the regulation as if it is some form of inconvenience. Just another layer of compliance that businesses will have to comply with to avoid the heavy consequences of a fine of €20m

Social: Paid, Owned, Earned and Chocolate!

What is better than a post about social media or a post about chocolate? A post about social media AND chocolate, of course, silly! As social is taking its rightful place at the marketing top table traditional media phrases are being applied

2016 – The Year of User Generated Content (UGC)

Can you remember Christmas 2015 or have the memories been wiped from your mind just like the whipped cream from the faces of those who lost their turn in Hasbro’s hit game Pie Face!?   ?  Tedious Link Klaxon!! ? Yup, I’m guessing